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Visual Note-taking Comes Alive in MYP Science

by Ben Cooperman, MYP Ed Tech Coach –

Students in Grade 8 MYP Science at TK were required to reflect on science technologies in the world for their Criterion D project. The focus was on the “electromagnetic spectrum”. Students researched different wave technologies for different parts of the spectrum and considered the benefits and limitations feach. They were asked to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding using an appropriate medium (i.e. essay, paper, poster, video, role-play).

Inspired by a recent professional development workshop that she attended, Grade 7-8 Science Teacher Ms. Corelli presented visual note-taking as an option and it turned out to be a big hit with the students! She shared some examples from an excellent online resource called ASAP Science and visual note-taking  immediately became the most popular tool. Students used a range of technologies to complete this task. Jessica and Anna used Adobe Photoshop to do their project, while Jasmine and Jesselyn used a video camera and a white board. Other students worked with Explain Everything on the iPads, and some even created stop-motion videos using LEGO bricks and iMovie. Jessica and Anna’s video about visible light, and Jasmine and Jesselyn’s video about gamma rays were stand-outs. Read on to learn more about how technology really can be revolutionary in today’s classroom.

Visual notetaking-Image

In our visible light project, Jessica and I (Anna) made a quick animated video about visible light. To create this video we used 3 simple tools. Photoshop, QuickTime Player, and the Intuos Tablet. We used the Intuos tablet to draw the animation, Photoshop to create the animations and drawings on, and QuickTime Player to record the animation/drawings in motion.  

Gamma Rays-Image

We are Jasmine and Jesselyn, the creators of this video on Gamma Rays. During our wave unit in science we decided to study the electromagnetic spectrum. We focused on gamma rays and created a video using iMovie and a camera to explain about gamma rays. At the time, we weren’t expecting this to be shared out, but we are very excited to have a real audience. Thank you for watching our video and we hope that you enjoy our project!

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  1. Hi Ben,
    Thank you so much for sharing the great work from your school following my workshop – it seems such a long time ago now and I am only just revisiting the feedback Kim sent me. Please send my grateful thanks to your wonderful Science teacher and her students for taking the idea and running with it so innovatively! I would love to use a snippet of Anna and Jessica’s at a presentation i am doing in August – might this be possible? I will of course ref the students and school.
    Kindest regards and grateful thanks,

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