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TK Celebrated Roald Dahl Gloriumptiously

by Nadine Bailey, Teacher Librarian, TK campus –

TK celebrated the 100th anniversary of Roald Dahl’s birth with some gloriumptious events on 15-16 September. Students were biffsquiggled seeing Mrs. Trunchbull bullying poor Matilda in the playground and throwing her in the chocky, while the Grand High Witch kept on threatening to turn them into mice when they tried to take a glimp under her wig. They churgled in delight as our Grade 6 students acted out a scene from the BFG with their diddly ears and declared frobscottle to be rommytot. Mr. Studlo was a razztwizzler Willy Wonka yesterday during “Blokes with Books” and Mr. Yorke and Ms. Cole discussed Charlie and the Kimchi (lasagna / paella / chicken rice) factory with Mr. Hendsbee’s Grade 4 class.

For more information on Roald Dahl (including finding out what all those words mean), see our library guide or click on the tab on Roald Dahl picture on the TK library page of My.CIS.


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