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Joshua’s Dancing Amazes All

Grade 11 student Joshua is a gifted dancer who amazes audiences with his breathtaking break dance performances. A CIS student since Grade 2, Joshua has had numerous opportunities to perform on stage to large audiences in a supportive environment.

Joshua started to learn how to dance four years ago after being motivated by his best friend. He started with basic hip hop steps put together with a simple choreography. He mimicked the styles of some of the greatest dancers of the genre. In his recent dance moves, Joshua enjoys using popping and waving, and combines popping, hip hop, break dancing and animation, to create his unique dance style. When asked why he chose dancing, he says watching people dance online or on stage impresses him as they entertain their audience by using movements only. He feels very happy and energetic when dancing.

CIS has helped Joshua become a risk-taker and inspired him to follow his passion for dancing, and Joshua’s dancing improved after taking drama classes at CIS. His drama teachers have been instrumental in teaching him new tactics and skills that helped him with his stage performances. Through hard work and perseverance he has acquired the skills he needed to perform competitively.

CIS provides an excellent platform for Joshua to apply his art. Events such as Beatfreaked and Open Mic encouraged Joshua to dance professionally. He performed at Beatfreaked 2015 for the first time in front of a large audience and he knew he was cut out for it. Joshua’s circle of friends at CIS has been really supportive of his professional dance aspirations. Joshua’s first dance performance outside CIS was a competition at an arts convention where he competed in the teens dancing category and came in 2nd place.

At the moment, Joshua is competing at the Zee TV’s Dance Singapore Dance show where he has been honing his dance skills since early October this year. He is apparently one of their most promising dancers. Dance Singapore Dance is a popular dance competition, where the best dancers in Singapore compete against one another, and the top 12 dancers are required to perform in a series of challenges (Duets, Solo, Freestyle). One dancer is eliminated every week and the best dancer of Singapore is selected in the finale of the show.

We wish Joshua the best of luck in the competition and all his artistic endeavours in the future.

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